Uniting the Passion of Art and the Peace of the Soul

The love of art has always been present in me and it has become an integral part of my life. Painting fills my soul with pure joy and peace; it is a kind of meditation that allows me to slow down and enjoy the day. When I paint I immerse myself completely into this process and I let my emotions run free. I am having a dialog with myself which allows me to look at daily life from a new, different perspective and appreciate the “here and now”.


The greatest thing in the process of creating is a feeling of unlimited freedom. I don`t have to follow anyone`s rules because the picture is in me and all I have to do is listen to my inner voice and follow it. What is created comes from a dialog between the idea in my head and accompanying emotions in my heart. Using different mediums such as acrylic, colored pens, and crayons allow me to choose a painting tool which mirrors the stories I want to tell in the best possible way.


As a child I learned that I decide for myself how to perceive the world and in which colors I see the reality around me. Red, orange and yellow accompany me every day and have a strong influence on my daily life. These lively colors represent energy, courage, power, and love; therefore, they are also dominant colors on my palette.